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Venus For Pubic

Hair And Skin


The Venus for Pubic Hair and Skin Campaign,  was created to launch their new line for the pubic area. As an art director I was in charge of creating the look and feel for their Global Toolkit. The approach to the look and feel was to highlight the benefits of the new line such as the texture, their transparency and the new razor that is the new way of care of down there.

Through In- feed post we wanted to showcase the New line but also wanted to tackle the expectations of traditional razor ads by celebrating female body hair.


Designed the landing page for the Venus Pubic Hair Campaign. The website layout was inspired in a bathroom cabinet making the products look as part of your own bathroom, from a close up of the razor in your bathtub, to all your Venus serum in your cabinet.

Role// Art Director — Laura Zarate

Creative Director — Rebecca Flinn

Client: Venus

Agency — Grey

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