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Google Pixel  Feature Drop

–Time lapse in Night Sight–



Every quarter Pixel keeps getting better with Feature Drops. This New new feature within the Night Sight camera settings counts down from 4 minutes and users are able to see their image PLUS a  2  second Time lapse. We decided to launch the feature by partnering with Light Painting Artists, Astrophotographers and more to come up with a creative way of using this new pixel

Through In- Feed posts we showcased a variety of pictures taken by our creators using the new feature.  They also had the opportunity to create different tutorials to share their skills wit the Google Pixel Community


We introduced Reels to the Google Pixel account with this tutorial , this was an amazing opportunity to get into the reel space and were able to get positive engagement getting


Role// Art Director — Laura Zarate
Creative Director — Dan Litch 
Copywriter — Andy Mendes
Influencers  — @DariusTwin /  @RedhairKatrina
Client: Google 
Agency — Revere / Edelman

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